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Zombies Run For Brainz

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About Me

Beyond Titans was started by Thomas Steffen, a programmer located in Pennsylvania.

Thomas graduated from Rowan Univeristy of Glassboro, NJ, where he earned his Bachelor's in Computer Information Sciences.

Thomas also has two Associate's in Computer Graphics Arts and Game Design & Development.

He currently freelances as a programmer and continues to work with a small team to create mobile applications and hopes to release games for the PC and Console platforms in the future.

Thomas Steffen Portfolio

Programmer and Developer

Supported By

Rebeca Jimenez Portfolio

2D Graphic Artist

Rebeca graduated from Bloomfield College of New Jersey, where she earned her Bachelor's in Game Design and Development.

Rebeca specializes in 2D art, with a passion for pixel and vector styles.

She currently freelances as an artist, creating designs and graphic work. She continues to work with teams to create mobile applications and hopes to release games for the PC and Console platforms in the future.

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Unity Tutorials

Tutorials & Guides

Tips & Tricks

Project Proposal Document - Template

Hi Concept:
(1 sentence description of game)

Game Features:
(List of 5-10 features, such as:
multiplayer2d platform environmentplayers can wall jumpplayers absorb enemy abilities to traverse levels)

Story Summary:
(Should be 2-3 pages briefly explaining the world, main characters, and plot)

Gameplay Mechanics:
(This should be a list of how the player will interact in your game. examples may be, Left stick moves, A fires, Y jumps, etc.)
(This should also include any combo attacks or if you have a charge ability. Anything the player can input to create an action should be listed here.)
(This should also have a list of any puzzles, npc vendors, anything the player can interact with...)

Target Demographic, Platform, and ESRB Rating:
(Demographic = Who is this game intended for, who would enjoy this? A racing game would be geared toward car enthusiasts. Arcade games may be geared toward casual gamers.)
(Platform = PC, Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo, etc)
(ESRB Rating = T for Teens, E for Everyone, etc. more information can be found at:

Product Competition:
(3-5 item list of similar games that have been released or will be released within the year, which would be considered competition to your sales)

Future Development:
(If successful, do you plan to release DLC? Will there be a sequel? Will there be updates and bug support?)

(This should be a list of frequently asked questions that people may generally ask about your game. Is there character customization? Can I change the difficulty? etc.)

Profit / Loss:
(This should list all the possible expenses that it costs to fully develop your game. This includes if you need to set up a company, register names, hire help, buy assets, pay for marketing, make a website, and more)
(You should also estimate the value of your game based off of the size, and game play length of the project)

Risks and Obstacles:
(This should include any and all obstacles that will make development difficult for you and anything that may prevent you from completing your game. This is anything like lack of motivation, time, or funding problems)
(risks should include anything you invest in this project, such as time and money, with the realistic acknowledgement that you could be losing it.)

PPD Outline without my comments:

Hi Concept:

Game Features:

Story Summary:

Game Mechanics:

Target Demographic, Platform, and ESRB Rating:

Product Competition:

Future Development:


Profit and Loss:

Risk Analysis:

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Tilemap Basics
(This section is under construction)
(Some Links and Buttons may be incorrect and are W.I.P.)

Watch the video tutorial above and/or view the text directions below

1. Import Spritesheet

Menu at top:
GameObject > 2D Object > Tilemap


This should create a Grid gameobject with agrid component.
This will also have a TileMap game object Child with a Tilemap component.
Rename Tilemap to it's usage, like 'Tilemap_ground'

2. Create a Palette

Menu at top:
Window > TilePalette


Select 'Create Palette'.
This will create a new palette, name accordingly.
(ex. Grass Platforms)
The sprites sheet is divided up equally by Pixels Per Unit (32x32, 64x64, etc...)
Make sure the sprite sheet is set to multiple and sliced accordingly.

3. Using a Palette to Paint Tiles

Drag and Drop the desired spritesheet into tile palette window.
Unity will automatically create tile assets from the image.


Now you can select a specific tile and use that to paint into the scene
You can grab multiple sprites and paint as a group.
Use Control + Click to Erase.

You can add Tilemap Collider 2D component to ground layer to add a collider to the outside edges.
Alternatively, you can create your own collider objects if you need something more specific.

You can also work with layers to add in foilage, background environments, and more.


This concludes the basics of Tilemapping.
For more advanced information about Tilemapping, please see my other 2D Tilemapping Tutorials.

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Developer Logs

It's always a great idea to keep track of the work you've done as well as the work you still need to get completed.

It is good practice in many professional fields to create a log or report at the end of a work session that lists out all the changes and work that you accomplished. This can also include any obstacles as well.

Not only does this give you a dated tracking resource of what you have accomplished, but it also helps you organize your thoughts, keeps you motivated, and puts future goals into better perspective.


What I did:
Updated the website with useful information under the Tips and Tricks section.Modified Player one's damage output to 1 instead of 2 for balancing.Changed background from a solid to a gradient for visual effect.

What will I do next:
Plans to work on and finish 2D tutorial video editing. The video needs to be reviewed and uploaded when complete.

Mon, Tues, and Thursday are work days. This may delay editing until Wednesday.

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Export only the used assets in a scene

1. Find the Scene file that you want exported
2. Right-click the scene file and click Export Package
3. Check the box that says "Include Depencies"
4. Select Export

This should export only the assets related to that selected scene.